A Board's Role in Improving Quality and Safety - Guidance and Resources

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Summary of Board Leading Practices







6.Risk and Assurance


Reflections from Board Members

Appendices, References, Resources, Glossary

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About This Guidance

There are a number of key documents and resources applicable to boards and executives within healthcare in Ireland. This guidance builds on existing documentation and provides a central repository of international and national perspectives on the board's role in improving quality and safety by providing examples of leading practices, resources and recommended reading.

This guidance will assist board members to:

  •  Reflect on their performance and approach to improving quality and safety
  •  Understand leading quality improvement practices
  •  Make improving quality and safety a central tenet of a boards's agenda
  •  Develop partnerships with staff and service users for improving quality and safety
  •  Drive improvements in care in a measurable way
  •  Be aware of the importance of using proven quality improvement methodologies
  •  Seek assurance and approve a plan for improving quality and safety.

How was this guidance and resource developed?

This document has been developed with reference to international leading practices which have included a review of relevant publications and material from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  In addition to the above, the HSE Quality Improvement Division has engaged with Irish and international subject matter specialists in respect of the proposed content.

How to use this guidance?

This guidance is written primarily for non-executive and executive members of boards of healthcare providers to support them to perform their role in improving services.  It may also be useful to organisations without boards by providing information to executive management teams and clinical leaders.  Reflective questions are provided in each of the sections, related reading and resources for use by board members are located within the relevant web pages.


Please contact Karen Reynolds of the National Quality Improvement Team for more information or any related queries about the publication “A Board’s Role in Improving Quality and Safety".

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