Lead NCHD Initiative

Driver 1 Leadership for Quality

The Lead NCHD initiative is a response to the historic deficit in NCHD representation at executive level in Irish hospitals and is a means of contributing to the improvement of NCHD welfare and working conditions. The initiative has been welcomed by the Department of Health, the Medical Council, the Joint HSE/Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies, the Clinical Director/Clinical Programme Steering Group, the Forum Trainee Subcommittee and the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO).

The initiative was piloted by the HSE in January 2014 in five hospitals. Following a review of the pilot programme the Lead NCHD Initiative was rolled out nationally in 2015, bringing the number of hospitals involved to 31 with 47 Lead NCHD appointments. In the second year of the national roll-out (July 2015 to July 2016) 41 Lead NCHDs were appointed across the 31 hospitals involved. Including the pilot initiative a total of 93 NCHDs have held the position of Lead NCHD to date. A handbook to support continuity at handover can be found below.

Lead NCHD Handbook