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The National Safety Programme for Decontamination of Reusable Invasive Medical Devices (RIMD) supported by the HSE Quality Improvement Division is aligned with the program objectives of the National Healthcare Acquired Infection (HCAI) and Antimicrobial Resistance Clinical Program. It aims to ensure that effective decontamination systems, structures and risk management processes are in place to eliminate or reduce, as far as possible, the risk of HCAI to the service user and staff in the HSE.

The National Decontamination Advisory Group (NDAG) provides expert advice to support the National Decontamination Quality Lead and the Quality Improvement Division HSE, in the roll-out of the National Decontamination of RIMD Programme.

The NDAG aims to assure enhancement of the delivery of decontamination services, working in partnership with each healthcare organisation to enable them to monitor and evaluate their performance against national standards, guidance and performance indicators.

Priority areas for improvement include:

Minimising the risk of HCAI associated the use of RIMD, to service users and service providers in Acute and Primary Care services.

The National Safety Programme for RIMD will achieve this through:

  • Partnering: Working with stakeholders involved in the decontamination of RIMD, national bodies, industry partners, academic partners and clinical programs across the health system to inform and align quality improvements in decontamination practice.
  • Educating:
    • Establish capacity and capability for leadership and quality improvement by performing a review of Acute services Decontamination educational needs in 2015.   Championing best practice in decontamination through information dissemination to the service, PC and Acute system engagement, presentations and study days.
    • Developing formalised academic programs of study to support decontamination staff in driving best practice for decontamination.
  • Demonstrating: Developing networks to support decontamination service providers through which sharing of new ideas , testing and developing of ideas in practice and supporting the spread of sustainable solutions for continuous quality improvement.
  • Championing: Ensure policies, guidelines, national and international evidence of best practice and regulatory requirements, pertaining to the Decontamination of RIMD in Acute and Primary Care services, are identified and implemented through the review of national decontamination standards and guidance. 

Standards for Decontamination

New Documents 

Ultrasound Probe Decontamination Guidance

HSE Guidance on Implementation of the HSA Carriage of Uncleaned RIMD by road

HSE Standards and Recommended Practices for Facility Design and Equipping of EDUs

HSE Standards and recommended practices for commissioning, validation and testing in endoscope decontamination facilities

Capacity Planning Tool for EDU

EWD Capacity Planning Tool

2nd Decontamination Safety Programme Network Event 2018 (please click)

Access for HSE and Acute Hospitals to ISO and EN standards

Video Clip: Processes and Procedures for Effective Decontamination of RIMD in Primary Care Dental, GP and Podiatry

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Decontamination Safety Programme  Updates

Decontamination Safety Programme End of Year Final Report 2016

Decontamination Safety Programme End of Year Final Report 2017

Decontamination Education

Articles of Interest

Who can I contact for more information:

Caroline Conneely, National Decontamination Quality Lead


Phone: 01-6352355