Preventing VTE/blood clots: Information for patients and families

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What should I know about blood clots?

Over 60% of all blood clots happen during or in the 90 days after a hospital stay. Most of the remainder happen in people with cancer, women who are pregnant or in the six weeks after giving birth and those who have their lower leg immobilised, e.g. in a cast.

Knowing your risk, recognising the signs and symptoms of a blood clot in your leg or lungs and taking immediate action if they occur, could save your life.  

The HSE recently partnered with Thrombosis Ireland, a patient advocacy group, to produce alert cards for hospital patients and distribute cards and posters to hospitals.

Alert Cards (please click image) *Updated Jan 2020*

Alert card pic 1 Alert card pic2

Poster (please click image)

Am i at risk poster pic

Poster - Ask for alert card *Updated Jan 2020*

Poster - Blood clots: Am I at risk? *Updated Jan 2020*

Poster - Blood clots: Am I at risk? Pull up Banner *Updated Jan 2020* 


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