Collaborative Learning Sessions

Pressure ulcers


PUTZ 4 Sustainable QI Collaborative

Learning session day 1 presentations ( Cavan 25th Sept & Cork 2nd Oct 2019)

  • Quality Improvement session 1 – Eileen Tormey, Patricia Gibbons & Dr. Michael Carton
  • Pressure Ulcer Prevention and Management  - The Role of the OT- Fiona Maye (Cavan)
  • Pressure Ulcer to Zero – Pat McCluskey & Gillian O’Brien (Cavan)
  • Pressure Prevention and Management – The Role of the OT – Megan Goodale (Cork)
  • Pressure Ulcer to Zero- Martina Rafter and Helen Meagher (Cork)


Action period 1:



    Link to webinar recording

    Link to webinar recording

    Link to webinar recording



  •  Preventing Pressure Ulcers

  •  Introduction to the SSKIN care bundle

  •  The five key messages to prevent pressure ulcers

Learning session day 2 presentations ( Cavan 20th Nov & Cork 26th Nov 2019)


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