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Please Note:  All information was correct and up to date at time of publication, please also refer to the HSE National Wound Management Guidelines (2018) available here

General Information

    1. Leg Ulcer Management
    2. Pressure Ulcers
    3. Wound Assessment
    4. Asseptic Non-Touch Technique



Final Report PUTZ Collaborative Phase 3 (March 2018)


Resource Pack


1 Training Programme
2 Knowledge and Skills Self-Assessment Evaluation Form
3 HSE National PUTZ Advisory Terms of Reference
4 Participant’s Handbook

Articles and papers

-Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment (Paper developed by Prof. Zena Moore to support the Pressure Ulcer Collaborative (2014)     
-Shanley Pressure Ulcer Prevention Summary


PUTZ Process


Visual Cues

Multidisciplinary Teams Approach

Skin inspection





SSKIN Care Bundle

Small Changes

Additional Information

SSKIN Care Bundle Example



- Recording Your Pressure Ulcer Data

- Safety Cross Template

- Key evidence based interventions - Measurement - Safety Cross/Model for Improvement

- Risk and SSKIN Care Bundle Compliance Example

- SSKIN bundle pressure ulcer prevention care plan


Grading of Pressure Ulcer

- HSE 2018Pressure Ulcer Category/Staging System

- SSKIN Excoriation Tool for Incontinent Patients


Patient Information leaflet (How to recognise and relieve Pressure Ulcers)

10 Story Board day 1day 2
11 National QI Toolkit
12 Action Period 1 – Cavan & Cork
13 Action Period 2 – Cavan & Cork
14 Action Period 3 – Cavan & Cork


Occupational Therapy Handouts (Learning Session 1 Cork  - Megan Goodale)


Safety Cross Webinar - Dr. M. Carton

Placing the problem of Pressure Ulcers in Ireland into context

Relevant Articles

Useful Links

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