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Please Note:  All information was correct and up to date at time of publication, please also refer to the HSE National Wound Management Guidelines (2018) available here

General Information

  • Tissue Viability Patient Safety Tool Box Talks©:
    1. Leg Ulcer Management
    2. Pressure Ulcers
    3. Wound Assessment
    4. Asseptic Non-Touch Technique



Final Report PUTZ Collaborative Phase 3 (March 2018)


Resource Pack


1 Training Programme
2 Knowledge and Skills Self-Assessment Evaluation Form
3 HSE National PUTZ Advisory Terms of Reference
4 Participant’s Handbook

Articles and papers

-Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment (Paper developed by Prof. Zena Moore to support the Pressure Ulcer Collaborative (2014)     
-Shanley Pressure Ulcer Prevention Summary


PUTZ Process


Visual Cues

Multidisciplinary Teams Approach

Skin inspection





SSKIN Care Bundle

Small Changes

Additional Information

SSKIN Care Bundle Example



- Recording Your Pressure Ulcer Data

- Safety Cross Template

- Key evidence based interventions - Measurement - Safety Cross/Model for Improvement

- Risk and SSKIN Care Bundle Compliance Example

- SSKIN bundle pressure ulcer prevention care plan


Grading of Pressure Ulcer

- HSE 2018Pressure Ulcer Category/Staging System

- SSKIN Excoriation Tool for Incontinent Patients


Patient Information leaflet  (How to recognise and relieve Pressure Ulcers)

10 Story Board day 1day 2
11 National QI Toolkit
12 Action Period 1 – Cavan & Cork
13 Action Period 2 – Cavan & Cork
14 Action Period 3 – Cavan & Cork


Occupational Therapy Handouts (Learning Session 1 Cork  - Megan Goodale)


Safety Cross Webinar - Dr. M. Carton

Placing the problem of Pressure Ulcers in Ireland into context

Relevant Articles

Useful Links

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