HSE Assisted Decision Making Training and Communications Working Group

Assisted Decision Making 1

A training and communications working group has been established, reporting to the National Assisted Decision-Making (ADM) Steering Group. The role of the working group is to develop an education and training programme with supporting documentation and materials to assist the implementation of the ADM Act within health and social care services. It also has a role in ensuring that all key stakeholders are aware of the HSE National Implementation Programme and to facilitate meaningful engagement with internal and external stakeholders on the core elements of the programme. The group will coordinate all communications regarding ADM.

In regards to training and education, the working group will:

  • Establish the depth and breadth of the education and training programme for health and social care services to be developed on the ADM Act.
  • Review existing national training and education programmes including tools, methodologies, content and models of delivery
  • Research education and training materials on capacity and decision making from Ireland and other jurisdictions
  • Develop a database of relevant education and training materials on capacity and decision making from Ireland and other jurisdictions
  • Undertake targeted consultations with key stakeholders including those already delivering training on related subject matter
  • Consider appropriate mechanisms for delivery of training at front-line service level and with patients, service users and families
  • Identify key stakeholders to lead the delivery of training and education across the health and social care sector
  • Establish a proposed model for the ADM education and training programme for consideration by the steering group
  • Develop a standardised suite of training and education tools, methodologies and supporting documentation
  • Consider mechanisms to secure relevant CPD/CEU accreditation for education and training programmes.
  • Submit to the Steering Group for approval.

In regards to information and communication, the working group will:

  • Develop a communications plan outlining key messages that need to be conveyed to staff, service users and patients. It will identify differences in audiences and will outline how these differences can be appropriately addressed. The communications plan will be a dynamic document that will be developed and updated as required.
  • Ensure that information is provided for health and social care services in a timely manner.
  • Identify communications and consultation mechanisms that will
  • Address ongoing queries from interested parties
  • Facilitate meaningful engagement with internal and external stakeholders during the development and implementation of the guidance documents.
  • Ensure that relevant information related to the Assisted Decision Making Act is available at www.assisteddecisionmaking.ie.
  • Publish articles in Health Matters and other relevant publications during the development of the guidance documents and the training and education initiatives.
  • Develop information resources for staff, service users and other key stakeholders regarding Assisted Decision Making Act and supported decision making in a variety of formats that are accessible to all.
  • Ensure that a comprehensive consultation takes place with key stakeholders regarding the Act.

For further information please contact Jacqueline Grogan, Project Manager, HSE National Quality Improvement Team - jacqueline.grogan@hse.ie