Ebola Response

The global health programme participated in the HSE Ebola response, both in terms of health protection in Ireland and in promoting support for the response in affected countries in west Africa.

To support the response in west Africa, the programme undertook a liaison role with NGOs and Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to provide guidance to humanitarian aid workers. The programme liaised with HPSC in development of information and guidance materials. 

Caoimhe Finn Liberia
Caoimhe Finn, CNM at Beaumont Hospital during a recent visit to Redemption Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia which was affected by the Ebola outbreak (June 2015

Information was communicated to humanitarian aid workers via NGO umbrella organisations and the Department of Foreign Affairs Citizen’s Register.  The programme also engaged directly with NGOs to provide advice to their Ireland-based staff.

Proposals were developed together with the Health and Wellbeing Division on facilitating staff to volunteer in west Africa. The Director-General approved a proposal in January 2015 for training and deployment of staff.

As part of the HSE’s management of potential Ebola contacts the programme worked with the HPSC to establish a register of aid workers to facilitate assessment and monitoring of workers on their return to Ireland.

The Global Health Programme is exploring ways for the HSE to support the rebuilding of health systems following the Ebola outbreak. Through the ESTHER programme the HSE is working together with personnel from French hospitals to support hospitals in Liberia in implementing measures for infection, prevention and control.

Algorithms for management of viral haemorrhagic fevers including Ebola and clinical risk assessment forms are available from the HPSC website: