European ESTHER Alliance

The European ESTHER Alliance was established in 2002 to improve hospital care for patients with HIV, however is now takes a much broader approach. Today the Alliance aims to strengthen health systems and particularly human resources so as to tackle HIV and other major diseases and to improve women, children and newborn health in Africa, Asia and Latin-America. ESTHER Ireland will use the twinning model to foster effective north-south and south-south partnerships that can build capacity of the health workforce and health institutions. It will engage with the other European country members to develop a strong network of partnerships and become a powerful force for development and health improvement in the coming years.

The benefits to HSE institutions of participating in the ESTHER Alliance include a sharing of experiences and lessons across initiatives, coordination of the different partnerships currently working and/or under development, problem solving with peers, and development of joint initiatives within Ireland and with other countries.

Further information of the European ESTHER Alliance can be found at: