Patient and Public Partnership Strategy 2019-2023

Person and Family engagment

In October 2019, the National Screening Service (NSS) launched its first Patient and Public Partnership Strategy. It sets out how the NSS will achieve the objective of strengthened patient and public partnership over the next four years – 2019-2023.

The Strategy calls for the NSS to share decision-making power with patients and the public. This is to ensure they can influence decisions on the design, delivery and evaluation of services.

Partnering with patients is central to delivering person-centred care; which is defined in the HSE Quality Improvement Framework as “services that are respectful and responsive to individual’s needs and values and partners with them in designing and delivering that care”.

This is the first NSS’s first such strategy and it sets out how it will achieve the objective of strengthened partnerships in the NSS over the next four years. It is intended to be a ‘living’ document that is reviewed and updated at regular intervals.

The project was established in response to learnings from the Scoping Inquiry into the CervicalCheck Screening Programme by Dr Gabriel Scally.

The Strategy also takes into account the recommendations in the MacCraith review to ensure there is a “person-centred” culture in the services provided by the NSS.

The development of the Strategy was led by a project team comprising the three patient panel representatives; NSS staff from Quality and Safety, Health Promotion and Project Management Office; and HSE Quality Improvement Team. The Strategy content was co-developed over two workshops, attended by 40 staff and public representatives. 

The group addressed three strategic areas: Empower patients and the public to play an active role in NSS; embed partnership working across the NSS; and strengthen accountability, assurance and learning.

The  Patient and Public Partnership Strategy 2019-2023  is available here.

Further questions on the strategy can be addressed to Fiona Treacy, Senior Health Promotion Officer, National Screening Service, Limerick