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Patient stories are a continuous improvement tool which can help us to identify areas where we need to improve the quality of services and transform patient and carer experience,  through listening and learning from the patient voice. Because a patient story captures the patient's experiences from their point of view; it helps us to put ourselves in the patient's shoes and enables us to focus on what matters most to the patient.

A patient story is an individual account of healthcare experience, negative, positive or both, as described by a patient or someone close to them in their own words. It can be recorded, transcribed and presented in a written format. Patient stories can be anonymised or some patients may prefer to include their name. Patient stories can be captured on video, where the patient consents to being identified and to their story to being shared outside of the organisation.

Palliative care experience videos capture the individual stories of patients, family members and carers who have used palliative care services.  These videos were recorded as part of a joint project between the All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care (AIIHPC) and the Quality Improvement Division of the HSE. The purpose of undertaking the project was to provide:

  • a widely available resource for health and social care professionals, for people with palliative care needs and their families/carers and for the wider community;
  • a resource which can be used for raising awareness and understanding of palliative care; promote wider public conversation and discussion around palliative care; and promote learning and education among health and social care professionals delivering care.

We are promoting the use of these videos for increasing understanding and improving palliative care practice, and to have a wider impact for learning across health and social care. The videos were launched in August 2017 and were widely promoted during the National Palliative Care Week in September 2017. Three of the people among the 16 videos were the public faces of the Palliative Care Week 2017 campaign – John Joyce, Evelyn Wakefield and Claire Gray. 

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