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1. Introduction

Patient Safety Toolbox Talks© are a resource to enable short, discussions or presentations by line managers to their staff which is generally focused on one specific topic or theme which addresses in simple terms to prompt staff to practice in a safer and more meaningful manner.

Tool Box Talks were first developed by manufacturing and construction industries for on the job learning where it is common that participants gather around the tool box for the session, hence the name.(Read more)

These talks are developed in response to service requests, so if there is a topic that you would like to see covered that is not in the current Patient Safety Tool Box ©  and we will endeavor to add it. Email your request to quality&

2. Guidance (Click here to access pdf)

3. Talks

Theme 1. Person Centred Care and Support minitbtlogo (Click Icon)

National Healthcare Charter - Access (click)
National Healthcare Charter - Dignity and Respect (click)
National Healthcare Charter - Safe and Effective Services (click)
National Healthcare Charter - Communication and Information (click)
National Healthcare Charter - Participation (click)
National Healthcare Charter - Privacy (click)
National Healthcare Charter - Improving Health (click)
National Healthcare Charter - Accountability (click)

Theme 2. Effective Care and Support minitbtlogo (Click Icon)

Effective Clinical Communication (ISBAR) (click)
National Early Warning Score (NEWS) (click)
End of Life Care – Introduction (click)
End of Life Care – The Last Days (click)
End of Life Care – Advance Care Discussions (click)
End of Life Care – DNR/DNAR Decisions (click)
End of Life Care – Dealing with Bad News (click)
End of Life Care – Answering Difficult Questions (click)
End of Life Care – Supporting Families (click)
End of Life Care – Children and Loss (click)
End of Life Care – Bereavement (click)
End of Life Care – People with Dementia (click)
Tissue Viability – Leg Ulcer Management (click)
Tissue Viability – Pressure Ulcers (click)
Tissue Viability – Wound Assessment & Management Objectives (click)
Tissue Viability – Aseptic Non-touch Technique & Wound Cleansing (click)
Nutrition Matters: Recognise, Treat & Review (click)
Informed Consent (click)
Healthcare Records- Documentation requirements (click)
Healthcare Records – Documentation requirements following death of service user (click)

Theme 3. Safe Care and Support minitbtlogo (Click Icon)

Infection Prevention and Control - Germs (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Standard Precautions  (click)                     
Infection Prevention and Control - Hand Hygiene (click)
Infection Prevention and Control – Personal Protective Equipment (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Glove Selection Tool (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Respiratory Infections (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Cleaning and Decontamination (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Service User Equipment (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Waste Management (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Service User Placement (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Outbreaks and Notifiable Diseases (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Staff Roles in an Outbreak (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Sharps (click)
Infection Prevention and Control - Sharps Injury (click)
Medication Safety - Safe Use of Insulin (click)
Falls Prevention (click)
Recognising Elder Abuse (click)
Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (click)
Children First – What to do If I’m concerned for the Safety and/or Welfare of a Child (click)

Theme 4. Better Health and Wellbeing


Theme 5. Leadership, Governance and Managementminitbtlogo (Click Icon)

Managing Incidents – Process Overview (click)
Managing Incidents-Supporting Service Users (click)
Managing Incidents - Open Disclosure (click)
Managing Incidents-Supporting Staff (click)
Managing Incidents – Supporting Staff “The ASSIST ME Model” (click)
Applying Quality & Patient Safety Principles in Daily Practice (click)
Daily Safety Briefing (click)
Quality and Safety Prompts for Multidisciplinary Teams (click)

Theme 6. Workforce


Theme 7. Use of Resources


Theme 8. Use of Information minitbtlogo (Click Icon)

Data Protection (click)