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The Quality Improvement Division (QID) of the Health Service Executive (HSE) Ireland are delighted to present a regular 1 hour webinar series called ‘QITalktime’ which will focus on Quality Improvement. This series of planned webinars will run approximately every 3 weeks starting in November 2016. The webinars are open to all those that are interested in improving Quality across our Health and Social care services and will help with:

  •  Connecting with others interested in Quality Improvement
  •  Sharing learning and experiences of service redesign and improvement

We have an exciting line up planned with a mixture of local, national and international speakers. The webinars will be chaired by QID.

QI Talktime Webinar dates for your diary

  •  20th of February, 2018: Schwartz Rounds, Juanita Guidera
  •  6th of March, 2018: Microsystems, Lisa Toland
  •  20th of March, 2018:QI Coaching Conversations, Elaine Fallon, National Quality Improvement Advisor
  •  10th of April, 2018: Lean and Person-centred healthcare, Seán Paul Teeling Assistant Professor in Health Systems/Mater Lean   Academy

Next Webinar 20th of March!!! Click here for Flyer !!!

It is free and easy to join, all you need is an internet connection. You can join individually or we would encourage groups of people interested to get together in their workplace and log on as a group to assist in building you own local QI networks.  If you have any queries, then please contact Roisin Breen roisin.breen@hse.ie who will be happy to help.                                                                                                                

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We look forward to our first QITalktime and building our network of Quality Improvers.

Previous Webinar Slide Sets


14th December, 2016:  The Framework for Improving Quality, Dr. Philip Crowley, National Director QID


22nd February, 2017:   The Science of Patient Safety, Dr. John Fitzsimons

7th March, 2017:  Practical Techniques and Tools for Quality Improvers, Dr. G. Neilsen

21st March, 2017:  Staff Engagement- creating space for Improvement Conversations,  Juanita Guidera and Libby Kinneen

18th of April, 2017: Complex Adaptive Systems as a useful model for organisational changeDr. David Smyth

9th of May, 2017: Measurement for Improvement, QID Measurement Team

30th of May, 2017: A QI Story – Improving the utilisation of an echo service, Paul Rafferty

20th of June, 2017: Partnering with patients - Accelerating Quality and Safety Improvement, Eleanor Rivoire

26th of September, 2017: The Patient experience as a catalyst for change, Margaret Murphy

10th of October, 2017: TEAMS: The fundamental Building block to Improvement, Dr. David Vaughan

24th of October, 2017: What is Person Centred Practice?, Prof. Brendan Mc Cormack

7th of November, 2017: Revisiting the Framework for Improving QualityDr. Philip Crowley

16th of November, 2017: Categorising Pressure Ulcers/Staging of Pressure Ulcers, Pat McCluskey & Gillian O’Brien

21st of November, 2017: Leadership for Quality, Dr. Peter Lachman

5th of December, 2017:  Liberating Structures: Practical Tools to energise, inspire and deliver front line solutions, Dr. R. Cunney and J. Guidera

19th of December, 2017: Run Chart - A tool for Quality Improvement, Dr. M. Carton


6th February, 2018: Open Disclosure, Angela Tysall and Mary Deasy

6th March, 2018:Microsystems, Lisa Toland

Webinar recordings

Webinars are recorded and available here to watch at a time convenient to you. Please click on the links below to watch them.


Practical Techniques and Tools for Quality Improvers - Dr. G. Neilsen, 7th March, 2017

Complex Adaptive Systems as a useful model for organisational change - Dr. David Smyth, 18th of April, 2017

Measurement for Improvement - QID Measurement Team, 9th of May, 2017

Winning Hearts and Minds - A QI Project Story - Paul Rafferty, 30th of May, 2017

Partnering with parents Accelerating Quality and Safety Improvement -  Eleanor Rivoire, 20th of June, 2017

The Patient experience as a catalyst for change - Margaret Murphy, 26th of September, 2017

TEAMS: The fundamental Building block to Improvement- Dr. David Vaughan, 10th of October, 2017

What is Person Centred Practice? - Prof. Brendan Mc Cormack, 24th of October, 2017

Revisiting the Framework for Improving Quality - Dr. Philip Crowley, 7th of November, 2017

Categorising Pressure Ulcers/Staging of Pressure Ulcers: Pat McCluskey & Gillian O’Brien, 16th November, 2017

Leadership for QualityDr. Peter Lachman, 21st of November, 2017

Liberating Structures: Practical tools to energise, inspire, and deliver front line solutions: Dr. Rob Cunney and Juanita Guidera, 5th of December, 2017

Run Chart - A tool for Quality Improvement: Dr. Michael Carton, 19th December, 2017


Open Disclosure: Angela Tysall and Mary Deasy, 6th February, 2018

Microsystems: Lisa Toland, 6th of March, 2018