Staff Listening Sessions

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We believe strongly that each individual working in the service has a unique insight into the challenges faced by their service and knows what can be improved.  This knowledge also means that staff are often best placed to develop creative, practical and sustainable solutions when given the time to do so.  This happens in some services already; however, it’s usually on an informal basis. 

Listening sessions provide an opportunity for staff to share their experiences and ideas on how to improve their service.  In 2015, the Quality Improvement Division designed and commenced testing a Staff Listening methodology.  The sessions also create a platform for staff to work with Senior Managers to review and act on the top three pieces of feedback from staff. 

We’ll be sharing an information pack on doing listening sessions in your area soon but in the meantime the feedback we’re hearing from staff can be summarised as follows:

What did staff tell us at listening sessions?

“Helping make a difference in the lives of those who use our services and working collaboratively with our colleagues are the greatest positives of our work.  Please ensure we have sufficient staff to do our jobs safely and well. 

 Help us to continue to learn so that we can continue to improve service delivery.  Help us commit to a culture of mutual respect, kindness and compassion. 

 To improve services, improve communication - keep us informed, listen to us and value our opinion. 

Ask us - we can help reduce waste and improve processes.  Please support us with access to email and technology to do our work safely and well.  Introduce flexible working.  Happy staff - happy patients.  And finally recognise the work of staff - say thank you and acknowledge us when we do a job well.” HSE Quality Improvement Division, Staff Listening Sessions 2015 - 2016

What do staff say about listening sessions?

“It was time out, time to reflect and look at the bigger picture – to change culture of the HSE in general”.

“I would hope that more listening sessions would improve staff morale.”

“Hopefully change will happen if staff on front line are listened to.”

“Make you more pro-active and try influence your own working environment”.

“If the suggestions are implemented then they have the potential for vast improvement and increased job satisfaction”.