Tobacco Programme Past Conferences and Events

Tobacco Free Campus Awards 2019

The HSE Tobacco Free Ireland Programme is hosting an award ceremony today, 26th September 2019, at the Royal College of Surgeons to recognise achievement in continuous quality improvement in the implementation of the HSE Tobacco Free Campus Policy. A total of 18 services will receive a bursary for further development of tobacco control initiatives at each respective site.

Since the launch of the TFC Policy in 2012, there has been significant commitment by HSE staff and management in supporting and implementing this key tobacco policy.

The policy has two clear aims:

  • • To treat tobacco as a healthcare issue
  • • To denormalise tobacco use in all healthcare services and settings

To further strengthen this important work in 2019, Acute Hospitals and Community Services had an opportunity to avail of a bursary for most improved implementation locally.

To be eligible to apply for one of these bursaries, services were required to develop and implement a quality improvement plan based on the Global Network of Tobacco Free Healthcare Services (GNTH) standards.

Application forms for the bursary issued in July 2019. Applications were then reviewed by a panel under the following headings;

  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Monitoring & Compliance Building

Twenty one services to include 13 Hospitals and 8 Mental Health Services completed the process and submitted applications.

A number of key achievements and learning have been highlighted from the bursary process. These include;

  • creative and innovative approaches by staff to policy improvement;
  • enhanced partnership working between operational staff and Health Promotion & Improvement staff who have specific roles to support healthy public policy implementation;
  • the application of values in action behaviours to engage all staff in policy implementation that reflects our organisations values of care;
  • achievement of other priority programme targets/commitments through bursary participation; for example MECC training and implementation.

Most of all the process has provided an opportunity to recognise, value and acknowledge the hard work of staff in the implementation of HSE TFC policy within their service.

A short book of abstracts, which details some of the work undertaken by the sites which received Tobacco Free Campus Bursaries in 2019 is available here.

Tobacco Free Ireland Partners Conference 2018


The Tobacco Free Ireland Programme and it's partners will be holding a conference with the focus on ‘Mobilising Communities towards a Tobacco Free Ireland’ on May 31st 2018 at Farmleigh House, Dublin.

Conference Aim:

To mobilise and empower key stakeholders at a community level to actively support the drive towards achieving the Tobacco Free Ireland 2025 goal of less than 5% smoking prevalence in Ireland

The conference will include:

  • Opening address by Minister Catherine Byrne T.D.
  • Presentation of national and international research and exploration of current research gaps in Ireland
  • Discussion to identify and prioritise progressive actions across policy, practice and research in tobacco control
  • Presentation of the current state of Tobacco Control in Ireland with a focus on identifying and bridging gaps
  • Three parallel Tobacco Free Ireland workshops


  • Workshop 1 – Young People and Tobacco
  • Workshop 2 – Tobacco Free Communities
  • Workshop 3 – Addressing Tobacco Use and Health Inequalities

You can register your interest for this conference using the Survey Monkey form.

Official invitations will be issued in early April.

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HSE QUIT Campaign Scoops Four Awards at 2017 Kinsale Sharks

The HSE’s QUIT campaign - entitled ‘I Will Survive’ - won four awards at the 2017 Kinsale Sharks Awards, picking up Silver and Bronze in the Best International Film category, and Silver and Bronze in the Irish categories.

Jury members included Dan Lucey from BBDO in New York, Matt Lever Deputy ECD at VCCP in London, and Abi Pearl, Head of Advertising at giffgaff in the UK and a host of International delegates from the UK, France, Italy, the US, Qatar and Ireland attended the 55th Sharks creative awards festival in Kinsale recently.

Directed by Steve Cope, the HSE’s ‘I Will Survive’ campaign celebrates the fact that for the first time ever there are more quitters than smokers in Ireland. The primary aim of this new phase of the QUIT campaign is to drive a sense of urgency, action and repeat action where necessary – it tells smokers why they should quit …… now.

The film features a cast, including some real life ex-smokers, who are in that moment of giving up, others are in a moment of truth around the effect smoking has had on their life; all are defiant in the face of cigarettes and the harm they do. This film tells these stories using the words and music of Gloria Gaynor’s much loved song, ‘I Will Survive’.

Some twenty three per cent of the Irish population are smokers. The highest number of smokers are aged 25 to 34 year olds (33pc). Research shows that smokers know about the serious side effects of smoking and more than one in two (59pc) are trying to, planning or thinking about quitting smoking.

Martina Blake, HSE Lead for Tobacco Free Ireland Programme says, “Not only is this campaign getting international advertising industry recognition and awards, health care organisations from Belgium, USA and Australia, to mention but a few, have been in touch with regard to using the campaign in their jurisdictions, such is the impact it has had.

The QUIT campaign highlights the momentum we now have in Ireland, and aims to make smokers feels that they can join the former smokers they know, and get can help to do it. It emphasises the benefits of quitting while highlighting the range of free personalised supports available through the QUIT service. It also showcases peer to peer support around quitting by showing how it affects so many people within our communities and that so many have quit successfully.”The QUIT service provides personalised, free, proven support by phone, face to face, email, SMS and live chat. One to one intensive support with trained smoking cessation practitioners, combined with drug treatments has the highest success rates for people quitting smoking. Face to face services are also provided by smoking cessation practitioners at 74 clinics across Ireland.