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What happens when you go for a cervical screening test?

1. What happens when you go for a cervical screening test
2. Booking your cervical screening test
3. Cervical screening test appointment
4. Labs we use
5. Private cervical screening tests
6. Your personal information

You can have a free cervical screening test (smear test) once you:

If you are on our register, we will send you a letter. This is to remind you when you should have your next test.

Check to see if you are on our register

You don't need to be on our register to have a test. You also don't need to get a letter to have a test.

If your screening test is due, you can go ahead and make an appointment with your GP or clinic.

Check to see when your next screening test is due

The steps you will most likely take when having a screening test are:

  1. You book your screening test with a registered GP or clinic for a time that suits you.
  2. You sign a consent form at your screening test appointment.
  3. A GP or nurse will take your test sample.
  4. We send your test sample to a laboratory contracted by us.
  5. Two laboratory experts examine your test sample.
  6. Your result is sent to your GP or clinic.
  7. We send you a letter to tell you that your results are available.
  8. You will get your result from your GP or clinic.
  9. If your result shows abnormalities, you may need to have a follow up appointment. Your GP or nurse will recommend to you what this follow up should be.
  10. If your result is normal, we will send you a letter about your next screening test in 3 or 5 years time, depending on your age.