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Labs we use

1. What happens when you go for a cervical screening test
2. Booking your cervical screening test
3. Cervical screening test appointment
4. Labs we use
5. Private cervical screening tests
6. Your personal information

Your sample goes to 1 of 3 quality-assured laboratories we work with.

In the lab, 2 experts (scientists) examine your sample for cell changes. If necessary, they will also test your sample for certain types of HPV infection. This will help to inform your GP or nurse what type of follow-up you may need.

Two of the labs we use are in Dublin. They are MedLab Pathology Ltd and the Coombe Women and Infant’s Hospital. One of the labs we use is in the US. This is Quest Diagnostics Inc, Teterboro, New Jersey.

We use a lab in the US because there are not enough quality-assured labs available in Ireland to meet our needs. We are assured that all the labs we use are operating to the required standard. They are certified by the relevant national authorities. All 3 labs meet our quality assurance standards.