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Your payment towards care

The financial assessment will work out how much you need to pay towards your nursing home care.

The amount you pay towards your nursing home fees depends on your:

  • income (money you receive on a regular basis) 
  • assets (savings, investments and property)

If you have little income and assets, you pay less. If you have more, you pay more.

You must provide proof of income, assets and expenses with your application. For example:

  • bank statements
  • pension statements
  • proof of social welfare payments
  • deeds of property

The amount your nursing home charges does not matter. Your contribution will stay the same and we will pay the balance. 

If you own assets such as property or land, 7.5% (3.75% if you are part of a couple) of their value will go towards the cost of your care each year.

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How much you will need to pay