Child Safety - Burns and Scalds

Even after 15 minutes a cup of tea or coffee, with milk, is hot enough to seriously scald a child.

Remember, liquids and surfaces do not have to be very hot to cause terrible injuries to babies and young children. Young children's skin is thinner than an adult's and so children can suffer deep burns and scalds very quickly.

Devastating injuries are caused every year in Ireland as a result of these burns and scalds. The lasting effects - both physical and emotional - of these childhood injuries can be very difficult to overcome.

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Further information about burns and scalds

  • The European Child Safety Alliance has produced information sheets about burns and scalds.
  • The Early Years Research Programme - Cardiff University has published research which shows, among other things, that hot drinks are responsible for most scald injuries in infants and toddlers, whilst the most common cause of burn injuries are from children touching irons, hair straighteners and oven hobs. Two Irish hospitals were among the five included in the study.


Most unintentional injuries (often called accidents) can be prevented:

Remember the key message where child safety is concerned -
Watch your child at all times, as children do not understand danger


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