Child Safety Activity Corner

This sections provides opportunities to discuss child safety issues with your child through video, stories, colouring, games and cartoons.

My Safety Workbook

My Safety Workbook:

Click here to have some fun with with your pre-school child as you explore a few key child safety topics through chat and colouring in!

From HSE CSAP Programme

Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home - DVDChild Safety Inside and Outside the Home

The DVD is divided into sections based on the most common causes of injury amongst children in the home and its surroundings.


Stay safe on the farm with Jessy:
  • Child Safety on the FarmAs Jessy says, "Look after your precious little ones."
  • Click here to download the beautifully illustrated story of Jessy teaching her three puppies about farm safey.
  • Use this story to talk to your child about safety on the farm.

From HSA and Teagasc

Say no to poisons:
  • Click here to read about Ben and Amy as they learn about potential poisons bothSay No to Poisons inside and outside the home.
  • The stories will also help children to understand that they should always ask an adult to see if something is safe to eat or drink.
  • The book contains useful information for adults too.
  • Encourage your children to colour in this page while you chat with them about what has been learned from the stories.
  • Can your child identify the poisonous items? Download this activity sheet.

From Poisons Information Centre of Ireland and HSE

Road Safety:Crossing the Road

From RSA, 3M Ireland, Mace

Fire Safety:Be Fire Safe

Be Blaze Aware and learn more about fire safety - read the rules, take the quiz, visit the rooms in the house to find the fire hazards and finally dress the fire-fighter.


Safety at Home:Stairgates

  • In this home safety game, move your character through the house and find the biggest hazard in each room.

From LV= Streetwise, LV= and RoSPA

Safety around Dogs:
  • DogsPlay this game to find out if you know the safe choices to make when around dogs.

From The Kennel Club (UK)

Most unintentional injuries (often called accidents) can be prevented:

Remember the key message where child safety is concerned -
Watch your child at all times, as children do not understand danger

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The following images are from - Crayons © sarmum; Pedestrian crossing road sign © Sergey Salivon; Happy Pets Collection © Klara Viskova;