Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home - DVD

Child Safety Inside and Outside the Home - a guide for Parents, Guardians and Children is divided into sections based on the most common causes of injuries amongst children in the home and its surroundings.

Each section is available below.


Road safety

Falls prevention

Burns and scalds

Poisoning prevention

Choking prevention

Fire safety

Water safety

Farm safety

Sudden Infant Death

Road safety - Safe Cross Code

Making an emergency call


This material was developed in 2006 in DVD format (now out of supply) by the National Injury Prevention Committee, supported by the HSE, RSA and ESB. It was produced by ANIMO Communications.

The Safe Cross Code included here is produced by the RSA (

Most unintentional injuries (often called accidents) can be prevented

Remember the key message where child safety is concerned -
Watch your child at all times, as children do not understand danger

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