Interchangeable medicines

What is an interchangeable medicine?

Interchangeable medicines contain the same active ingredient, in the same strength so the required dose of both medicines will be also the same.

Who decides if a medicine is interchangeable?

The Irish Medicines Board (IMB) decides if a medicine is interchangeable or not.

Can every medicine be substituted?

No, the Irish Medicines Board will only add a medicine to the 'List of Interchangeable Medicines' if it meets all the qualifying criteria and can be safely substituted for each of the medicines in an interchangeable group.

Can I choose my usual brand of medicine and not the generic?

You can choose your usual brand of medicine if you prefer but when reference pricing is introduced for your medicine, there may be a price implication to your choice. Read more about reference pricing here.

Is there a list of interchangeable medicines?

The Irish Medicines Board publishes lists of interchangeable medicines on its website. The IMB will publish lists of interchangeable medicines one by one. More and medicines will have an interchangeable list over time, and the IMB are focusing first on the 20 most costly medicines to the Irish State.

Search the Irish Medicines Board lists of Interchangeable Medicines here.