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Antibiotics are a precious resource.  They are very useful drugs and save lives.  However, using antibiotics when they are not needed is a waste of time and money and hinders the fight against infections in the future.

Using antibiotics needlessly allows bugs that cause infections to build up resistance against antibiotics and renders them useless over time.  Very few new types of antibiotic are being developed, which means that we must make sure that the ones we have remain effective against infections for the sake of future generations.

Need Antibiotic Guidance?

Visit - this site has been developed by the HSE, HPSC, GPs, Pharmacists, IMB, Dentists and more, and gives guidelines for antibiotic prescribing and treatment for common conditions in Primary Care. Desktop, mobile and tablet versions are available.

The site was developed as an online version of the original printed 2011 Guidelines for Antimicrobial Prescribing in Primary Care in Ireland. The site was updated and enhanced in 2013, and will now be kept up to date. Please refer to the online version for the most up to date guidance and disregard any earlier printed version.

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