Health/Social-care Professionals

Every day, people with long-term health conditions, their family members and carers will make decisions, take actions and manage a broad range of factors that contribute to their health. This is known as 'self-management'. The long-term conditions programme in Co Donegal provides and signposts a range of interventions to support people to self-manage better. This is known as 'Self management support'.

Evidence of positive outcomes highlights the benefit of supporting people to manage their own health as effectively as possible. These benefits can be felt by people with long-term health conditions, carers, health professionals, and the health services (Health Foundation 2015).

Self-management programmes

The following is a list of the Self-management programmes available in Co Donegal for people with long-term health conditions and their carers. You can find our coordinators contact details here.

 *Programmes which require health/social care professional referral; the relevant forms are attached at the bottom of this page.

 The other programmes are self referral.

Healthcare professionals can signpost these programmes and services to service users including carers and people with long-term health conditions.

As well as signposting programmes and service, healthcare professionals have responsibilities around health promotion and disease prevention. The HSE 'Making Every Contact Count' (MECC) framework outlines how health behaviour change interventions will become part of routine clinical care delivered by healthcare professionals in the health service.

Examples of health behaviour change interventions include brief interventions and motivational interviewing.


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