CODE – Type 2 diabetes, and pre-diabetes

The CODE programme is a free education programme for anyone with Type 2 Diabetes or diagnosed pre-diabetes. It is funded and delivered by Diabetes Ireland.

CODE stands for 'Community Oriented Diabetes Education'.

  • It is delivered in four sessions of two hours each
  • It is held in venues in the community.
  • It is a group programme, with up to 16 people per group.
  • It aims to improve your quality of life by teaching you skills to manage your Diabetes.

About the programme

The programme involves four sessions of two hours. The first three sessions run over three consecutive weeks. The fourth session is held after 6 months.

Topics covered include:

  • diabetes explained
  • healthy eating
  • physical activity
  • managing blood glucose level readings
  • complications of diabetes
  • the review with the diabetes team


The CODE programme is held in community venues, such as church halls and community centres, in various locations around Co Donegal, depending on the demand.

Any CODE programmes which are scheduled will be advertised on this site.

Your local dietitian, public health nurse, GP, pharmacist or other healthcare professional will promote the programme when it is available in your area. You can also contact Diabetes Ireland (see contact details below) to find out when programmes are scheduled.


To access a CODE programme you can:


What previous participants have said

“Great course, everyone with Type 2 diabetes should do it."

"Having heard other people in this course, I'm not afraid if I have to start on insulin."

"It really motivates you to make the changes you know you should make anyway."

"After 26 years I finally stopped smoking because of this course."

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