Testimonials: Self-Management Support Donegal

What previous participants have said:

“I would recommend anyone with COPD to attend the course as I have learnt so many things to help me manage my everyday life” Patrick

“I found meeting and talking to other patients who face the same difficulties and problems as me a great support” Grace

 “I found the course excellent! It has helped me in many ways to understand and manage my condition better. This has had a very positive change in many years of my life” Kathleen

“I found it difficult to carry my dinner plate from the kitchen to the living room before I started I was so easily exhausted. I was frightened to be by myself because of my breathlessness….  I am a new woman now, I can go out for the day, go to the hairdressers which I had stopped doing, catch two buses to visit my daughter, I have gained so much confidence and got my life back again. I am delighted and very grateful for being given this opportunity.”

“Do the Pulmonary Rehab course you will not regret it! I honestly believe it was my first step to living a fuller life. I continue to exercise 3-4 times a week after the programme and my fitness improved further. I feel by continuing to exercise I now recover quicker after chest infections and overall I feel much better” Michael

I have been diagnosed with COPD for 13 years and have had numerous hospital admissions. On a recent admission to hospital I was discharged and offered Pulmonary Rehabilitation, which included an exercise class twice a week. Initially I thought I will never be able to do this as I had little or no energy. Now having completed the course I am glad I attended. I feel much stronger and better in myself. I have a lot more energy; I can do more around the house and certainly my quality of life has improved. I would definitely recommend attending this class to other people with the same condition.

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