Solas Donegal - Mental health recovery

Solas Donegal is a free HSE programme for people who are recovering from mental health problems.

The Programme is based in Falcarragh and in Buncrana, and referrals are accepted from across Co Donegal.

The Programme is free to attend and lunch is provided.

It is for adults (18 years and over) who are experiencing mental health difficulties - such as anxiety or depression - and who would like to support their recovery through outdoor recreation.

Participants and Solas Donegal staff work in partnership. The Programme is based around outdoor recreation and learning life skills.

The aims of the Solas Donegal Programme are to:

  • provide an opportunity for mental health recovery
  • provide a safe place for recovery
  • restore confidence
  • reduce isolation and withdrawal
  • promote physical activity
  • provide opportunities for leadership within recovery

About the programme

The programme involves group walks through the beautiful scenery of Donegal, and workshops focusing on personal development.

The group meets one day a week, and the day is structured as follows:

  • meet over a cuppa
  • agree a plan for the day ahead
  • group walk (7-12 Km)
  • return to base for lunch
  • group session after lunch (1-2 hours) – sessions focus on personal development


Any of the following professionals can refer you:

Your GP, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Social Prescribing coordinator, Community Mental Health team or any other healthcare professional.

 What previous participants have said:

"Before joining Solas Donegal I was totally unmotivated. For me Solas is a very positive place to be."

"It has taken away my isolation and given me a safe place to share my thoughts and achieve goals."

"Before I joined Solas Donegal, I used to live in the darkness of what people like to call the “black dog.” Since being in Solas a light has appeared somewhere out of that blackness. Many opportunities have opened up for me, including making new friends, independence, and even work experience."

"Before Solas, my days stretched way beyond what I could cope with. No daily agenda, isolation and too much time, all fed into my depression. I had no motivation whatsoever, for physical exercise or any form of ‘healthy living. Since my referral to Solas Donegal all that has changed."

For more information:

Contact Solas Donegal: 074 916 5058

Christina Greene, Solas Donegal Programme Coordinator: 087 290 3745


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