Your Voice Matters

Stories to Build a Better Health Service

The HSE is working to build a better health service for everyone in Ireland.  To improve our health services, we need to listen to the people who use these services – to find out what matters most to you. 

Your Voice Matters is a nationally available patient experience framework tool that captures the lived experiences of service users and/or their families by inviting them to describe in their own words a recent experience of engaging with health and social care service(s).  The focus is on what matters most to service users, and allows the opportunity to capture both positive and negative feedback. 

Your Voice Matters is the output from Phase 2 of the Patient Narrative Project

Your Voice Matters can be used to gather information from a range of populations.  The questions asked within individual surveys differ to meet the needs of each target population, however are always informed by person centred, co-ordinated care, including empathy and respect, shared decision making, communication, and values.  

Experiences are captured in real time and are analysed in terms of emerging themes across the narratives.  Decision-making regarding service planning can then be guided by these findings.  

Examples of how the information gathered from Your Voice Matters may be used include:  

  •  Identifying what is important to service users as they use all aspects of our services
  •  Informing service improvements.     
  •  Supporting the inclusion of patient experience and perspective in the development of care pathways and models of care.
  •  Providing feedback to staff on the positive impact they have had on the lives of service users  

Implementing Your Voice Matters

  •  Establish project outline.  Identify the high level objectives of the project, and how gathering service user experiences will support, influence and guide design and improvement of services
  •  Identify key stakeholders

    o   Local Sponsor - is in a position to respond to the findings.

    o   Local Lead – to drive the project during engagement and data collection.

    o   Project Working Group - to include Your Voice Matters National Lead, Project Local Lead, Service User Representative

    o   Target participants

  •  Survey design.   Identify the experiences to be captured through narratives.  Identify specific aspects that may require further exploration/description and develop questions to capture this information. 
  •  Data capture – Identify the time period the survey will remain open.   
  •  Interrogation of data -  working group, service providers, service users, (+/- additional key stakeholders)
  •  Themes identified, Actions implemented

If you think Your Voice Matters might be a useful way of hearing the patient voice in your service please contact Barbara Riddell, National Lead, Your Voice Matters, by e-mailing