National Immunisation Programme Connolly Hospital Dublin June 2016

A conference was held in the The Auditorium, Connolly Hospital, Dublin on 9 June 2016

The following presentations were delivered on the day

History and Aims of Immunisation- Dr Abbey Collins NIO

Vaccine Preventable Diseases  - Global and National Trends-Dr Anna Clarke NIO

Immunity and how it works- Dr Kevin Connolly NIAC

Seasonal Influenza vaccination programme- Deborah Moriarty-Occupational Health Nurse Manager 

Storage and Handling- Ms Cliona Kersey NIO

The Practice Nurse Role in Primary Childhood Immunisation- Ms Carol Kelly Practice Nurse

Current National Immunisation Schedule- Dr Brenda Corcoran NIO

Deviations to schedule- - Late Entrants- Dr Kevin Connolly NIAC

Vaccine Hesitancy- Dr Abbey Collins NIO

Adverse events following Immunisation - Common and Uncommon- Dr Kevin Connolly NIAC

Planned changes to the Primary Childhood Immunisation schedule- Dr Brenda Corcoran NIO

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