National Immunisation Study Day 30 November 2016

The National Immunisation Study Day was held in Galway University Hospital on 30 November 2016.

The following presentations were delivered on the day. 

  1. History & Aims of Immunisation. Dr Brenda Corcoran,  Consultant in Public Health Medicine, National Immunisation Office (NIO)
  2. Vaccine Preventable Diseases - Global and National Trends. Dr Deirdre NicGearailt, Senior Medical Officer, Galway
  3. Immunity & How Vaccines Work. Dr Mary Fitzgerald, Senior Medical Officer, Galway
  4. Vaccine Administration. Carmel Finnerty, CNS General Practice, Renmore Park Surgery, Galway 
  5. Storage & Handling. Cliona Kiersey, Chief Pharmacist, NIO
  6. Changes to National Immunisation Schedule. Dr. Brenda Corcoran
  7. Adverse Events. Dr  Kevin Connolly, National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) Chairperson
  8. Vaccine Hesitancy. Dr. Brenda Corcoran               
  9. Influenza Vaccine & Healthcare Workers. Dr Aine McNamara,  Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Dept., Public Health, HSE West

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