Immunisation Study Day Limerick September 2016

A Study Day was held on 22 September 2016 in the Great National South Court Hotel in Limerick

The following presentation were delivered on the day

History & Aims of Immunisation - Dr Brenda Corcoran- National Immunisation Office

Vaccine Preventable Diseases - Global and National Trends- Dr Rose Fitzgerald - Specialist in Public Health Medicine  

Immunity & How Vaccines Work - Dr Ann Hogan - Principal Medical Officer

Vaccine Administration - Ruth Dougan - Practice Nurse 

Storage & Handling - Cliona Kiersey- National Immunisation Office

Changes to National Immunisation Schedule - Dr. Brenda Corcoran - National Immunisation Office

Adverse events following immunisation - Dr  Kevin Connolly - National Immunisation Advisory Committee 

Vaccine Hesitancy - Dr  Kevin Connolly - National Immunisation Advisory Committee 

Promoting Influenza Vaccination - Dr Rose Fitzgerald - Specialist in Public Health Medicine 

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