In September 2016, the recommendations for pertussis vaccination for pregnant women changed.

Pregnant women should be offered Tdap (Tetanus, low dose diphtheria, low dose pertussis) Tdap vaccine as early as possible after 16 weeks and up to 36 weeks in each pregnancy, to protect themselves and their infant.

  • Tdap can be given at any time in pregnancy after 36 weeks although it may be less effective in providing passive protection to the infant.
  • Tdap should be offered in the week after delivery to those women who were not vaccinated during their pregnancy.

All Healthcare Workers in contact with infants, pregnant women and the immunocompromised should receive a booster dose of Tdap vaccine.

The vaccine is available through the cold chain service for free but there is no administration fee agreed for this vaccination so all patients will be liable for a fee. This includes those with a medical or doctor only card.

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This page was updated on 6 October 2017