Who can get the HPV vaccine?

My child is going into 1st year this September can they get the vaccine? 

The HPV, Tdap and MenACWY vaccine will be offered to all 1st year students in secondary school and age equivalent in special schools and homeschooled from this September through the HSE school immunisation programme.

The HSE school teams will be delivering packs to schools for parents and guardians. You child will need to bring the pack home. 

Please read the booklet and factsheet, complete the enclosed consent form, put it into the envelope provided and return it to the school even if they have already completed a course of HPV vaccine or you do not wish to consent.  

Is there a catch up programme for older boys? 

HPV vaccine is being offered to students in 1st year of secondary school and age equivalent in special schools and children who are home schooled as part of the HSE school vaccination programme.

HIQA recommended extending the vaccination programme to boys in a report published in December 2018. It did not recommend a catch-up programme for older boys for a number of reasons:

  • Vaccinating in first year provides the best possible protection.
  • Boys are already benefiting somewhat from the indirect protection (known as herd protection) that's built up from the girls' HPV vaccination programme. The addition of boys on the vaccination programme aims to strengthen that protection

The report is available here

The priority for 2019/2020 is to ensure that as many eligible boys and girls as possible get the vaccine.

Any parent who would like an older boy to be vaccinated will need to pay for the vaccine and administration themselves through their GP.

My daughter is in 2nd - 6th year can she still get the HPV vaccine? 

Yes. For the 2019/2020 school year girls in 2nd - 6th year of secondary school can still join the girls only programme.

Please contact your local health office to arrange an appointment for your daughter. She will be offered the HPV vaccine in a HSE mop up clinic. 

I have left school can I get the HPV vaccine? 

If you have finished secondary school you will not be able to get the HPV vaccine through the HSE school immunisation programme. 

Please contact your GP or health clinic to get vaccinated. You will need to pay for the vaccine and the administration. 

How do I find out if I had HPV vaccine? 

Please contact your local school vaccination team to request a copy of your records. Their contact details are here.

The HPV vaccine was introduced as part of the HSE School Vaccination Programme in the 2010/2011 academic year. The table below shows the groups offered the HPV vaccine since 2010/2011.

School Year Class  Gender

1st Year

2nd Year

Girls only

1st Year

6th Year

Girls only

1st Year

6th Year

Girls only

1st Year

6th Year

Girls only
2014/2015 1st Year Girls only
2015/2016 1st Year Girls only
2016/2017 1st Year Girls only
2017/2018 1st Year Girls only
2018/2019 1st Year Girls only
2019/2020 1st Year Girls and Boys

More Information

Visit hpv.ie for more information about the HSE school immunisation programme


This page was added 25 September 2019