HPV Uptake has increased

The HSE school teams are back in second level schools to offer HPV vaccine to girls in 1st year.

Each year in Ireland 90 women die from cervical cancer, Nearly 300 women need treatment like surgery or chemotherapy for invasive cervical cancer and over 6,500 women are diagnosed with high grade CIN and require hospital treatment. It is the most common cancer in women under 44 in Ireland.

The good news is that there is a way to prevent many of these deaths. We can protect our daughters by consenting to give them the HPV vaccine when they are in first year.

The HPV vaccine uptake now stands at 65%. This is a provisional figure and we are very hopeful the final figure will actually be higher than this.

HPV Uptake provisional

Speaking earlier today our Director Dr Sean Denyer said

 It has taken a huge effort from everyone to get to 65% so thank you all and I know you will all continue to support us in getting this figure higher until we get to the point where there are not ninety women a year dying from cervical cancer, and we get to a time where cervical cancer is rare, or dare we hope, is eliminated completely.

We are also offering a catch up programme for girls who are still in school but missed out on getting the HPV vaccine previously. Please contact your local school team to request a consent pack and an appointment for your daughter, the contact details are on our website www.hpv.ie.

We invite parents to access information through trusted sources like the HSE school teams, their GP or local pharmacist who are available to support them and discuss any questions they may have. If people are looking for information online we encourage them to visit www.hpv.ie it is the only website in Ireland that has received accreditation from the WHO.


This page was added 18 September 2018