HSEland Immunisation Training

Immunisation Foundation Programme now available on HSELand

Are you confident in communicating about the importance of getting vaccinated?

Ensuring on-going public and professional confidence is critical to the success of our immunisation programmes. As one of our most successful public health interventions, immunisations protect individuals and communities from vaccine preventable diseases. They not only protect entire populations, they protect generations present and future, through the eradication of deadly diseases.

As the incidence of the majority of vaccine preventable diseases declines, due to successful immunisation programmes, healthcare workers need to be able to explain why vaccinations remain important especially with recent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases. It is vital that healthcare workers, as trusted sources for vaccine advice are confident, knowledgeable and up to date.

We are delighted to be launching this Immunisation Foundation Programme. The programme includes the underpinning principles of how and why immunisation programmes work. We encourage all healthcare workers to access the programme which has been developed under the auspices the Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Service Director and the governance of the National Immunisation Office.

Visit www.hseland.ie today to begin the programme. 


This page was updated on 13 May 2019