Going to Irish college? Are your vaccines up to date?

Its important for students and staff attending or assisting in courses in 2022 to be up to date with their vaccines.


22 countries have been identified globally with large and disruptive measles outbreaks in the last 12 months causing substantial public health impact. Measles is highly infectious 1 case can cause between 12-15 additional cases.

Vaccination with MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine is the only way to protect against measles. In Ireland the first MMR dose is given at 12 months of age, and the second dose at 4-5 years of age.

Students and staff from any country or Ireland attending your college should ensure they have received TWO doses of MMR vaccine prior to attendance and they should be asked to confirm their MMR vaccination status (or of measles immunity) from their own doctor or immunisation service.

Meningococcal group C

Meningococcal group C (MenC) infection is a serious infection that can cause meningitis and septicaemia (blood poisoning). MenC vaccine is given in Ireland to babies as part of the primary childhood immunisations, with a dose of MenACWY vaccine given to first years in secondary schools.

However, most countries outside Ireland do not include Meningococcal vaccine in their immunisation schedule.

Vaccination of all students and staff should ensure that no cases of these diseases occur in your college.



In the unlikely event that a case is identified despite the above measures, the local public health department should be contacted immediately and they will provide the necessary advice and guidance.

Download correspondence to course coordinators in English and Irish


This page was added on 10 June 2022