New Primary Childhood Immunisation Schedule

Two new vaccines are being added to the childhood immunisation schedule. These new vaccines will give babies protection against Meningococcal B disease and Rotavirus disease.

The HSE has been given funding to allow us to introduce these vaccines for all babies born on or after 1 October 2016.

The new childhood immunisation schedule is available to view here.


What’s new about MenB vaccine?

When babies are given MenB vaccine with the other childhood vaccines they are more at risk of developing a fever.  We recommend giving all children 3 doses of liquid infant paracetamol after their 2 and 4 month vaccines to reduce the risk of fever.

Paracetamol is not needed when MenB vaccine is given at 12 months as the risk of fever is less.

More information about MenB is available here


What’s new about rotavirus oral vaccine?

The rotavirus oral vaccine is given as a liquid dropped into the mouth of a child.

Most children have no problems after rotavirus vaccine. Very rarely, a child might develop a blockage in their gut (called intussusception) which can be treated in hospital.

Rotavirus vaccine cannot be given on or after 8 months of age as the risk of a blocked gut is greater in older children.

 It is important children get rotavirus vaccine on time to get the best protection.

More information about Rotavirus is available here


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This page was added on 24 November 2016