UPDATE HPV Vaccine Uptake

The 2020/21 schools HPV vaccine programme is now available to all students in first year of secondary school.

We would like to build on last year’s success with the participation rate for the HPV vaccine programme now at 81% for the first dose of the vaccine given in Autumn 2019.

HPV Uptake

MenACWY and Tdap vaccines are also administered to first year students as part of the school immunisation programme.


HPV vaccine campaigner, Laura Brennan, would have turned 28 today. The increase in participation is, in no small part, due to the tireless work of Laura and her family. She sadly died in March 2019 of cervical cancer.

Our Director Dr. Lucy Jessop said:

We’re very pleased with the uptake figures of 81% for the first dose of HPV vaccine last year. This year is challenging. We’re delivering a school vaccination programme in the midst of a global pandemic but HPV vaccine is no less important this year than any other and we don’t want to lose the positive momentum we have on this. I encourage parents to read the information from the HSE and speak to a trusted health professional if they have any questions before signing the consent form for their child. We are now coming into a time where we could eliminate certain types of cancer caused by the HPV virus and what a great legacy this would be to leave our children and grandchildren and what a way to honour the memory and tireless work of Laura Brennan and her family.
60,000 information packs are now being delivered to schools across the country as HSE Vaccination Teams start their school visits.

The vaccine is endorsed by major medical and scientific bodies worldwide including the World Health Organization, the Centres for Disease Control in the USA, the EU funded European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.


For more information on the HPV Vaccine Schools Programme visit here.

This page was added on 30 September 2020