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The National Cancer Registry has been collecting comprehensive cancer information for the whole population of the Republic of Ireland since 1994. The information we collect is used in research into the causes of cancer, in education and information programmes, and in the planning of a national cancer strategy to deliver the best cancer care to the whole population

This booklet has been prepared to provide information on the HSE structures, including the Management Team and their key staff. It is designed to show who we are, how we do our work, and how we intend to achieve our goal: the provision of a world class health care service.

The Central Statistics Office holds a comprehensive amount of statistical information. Since 1998, CSO publishes all statistical releases on the CSO website on the day of release. From January 2003, all publications have been available on our website also. We have also added a new Data Dissemination Service to our website which gives users access to a vast quantity of statistical data. Another addition is the Census Interactive Tables.

The Department of Health and Children's statutory role is to support the Minister in the formulation and evaluation of policies for the health services. It also has a role in the strategic planning of health services. This is carried out in conjunction with the Health Service Executive, voluntary service providers, Government Departments and other interests.

ESRI research covers a wide range of topics including: Education ,Enterprise Sector, Health, Housing, Industrial Development, Macroeconomics, Migration, Demography and the Family, Regional Studies, Resource Economics/Energy/Environment, Social Attitudes and Social Capital, Social Disadvantage, Tax, Social Security and Pensions. This site also contains the Hospital Inpatient Enquiry System (HIPE).



Formerly the General Medical Services (payment) Board Health Board DPS card Tracker ,Optical Claim Entry System ,Doctors Claim Entry System, Optical And Dental Reports, Reimbursable Items



The principal function of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is to take all reasonable steps to ensure that food produced, distributed or marketed in the State meets the highest standards of food safety and hygiene reasonably available and to ensure that food complies with legal requirements, or where appropriate with recognised codes of good practice

HPSC is part of the Health Service Executive, which was established on January 1st 2005 and has operational responsibility for the running of the health services in Ireland. The aim of HPSC is to improve the health of the Irish population by collating, interpreting and disseminating data in order to provide the best possible information on infectious disease.

Since its establishment in 1988 the Health Promotion Unit has been concerned on the one hand with policy development, research and evaluation, and on the other hand, with raising awareness of lifestyle issues through multi-media information campaigns and the development of materials for the public.

HSE Immunisation Websiteprovides information on immunisation for the General Public and Healthcare Professionals

Provides information on heart health to the public and media .Supports patients in managing heart disease and stroke. Provides heart health programmes in schools and workplaces. Co-ordinates the training of medics and the public in emergency lifesaving skills (CPR). Supports research, education and development in the medical profession.



The Irish Hospice Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the hospice philosophy and supports the development of hospice care.

The Institute of Public Health, funded by the Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Ireland and the Department of Health and Children in the Republic of Ireland, was established in 1999 to promote co-operation for public health on the island of Ireland.

The Observatory supports those working to improve health and reduce health inequalities by producing and disseminating health intelligence. It works closely with others involved in the production of health intelligence and its translation into evidence-based policy and practice. INIsPHO is part of a network of health observatories that includes the Association of Public Health Observatories (APHO).



The National Perinatal Reporting System has as its principal aim the provision of national statistics on perinatal events. The NPRS collects data on approximately 60,000 birth records each year from 22 hospitals and 18 independent midwives. Data collected include morbidity, mortality, and socio-economic data.

The NSRF consists of a multi-disciplinary team with contributions from a broad range of disciplines, including epidemiology, psychology, psychiatry and biostatistics. The foundation has been recognised by the Department of Health and Children as an official research unit to contribute to the prevention of

The Patient Treatment Register is a database for public in-patient and day-case waiting lists. This website has been designed to give patients and general practitioners easy access to waiting time information for surgical procedures in hospitals to assist with referral decisions.

Promotion of food safety, Research into food safety, Communication of food alerts, Surveillance of foodborne disease, Promotion of scientific co-operation and laboratory linkages, Development of cost-effective facilities for specialised laboratory testing.