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Who should get tested

People who should get tested for hepatitis C

Get a test for hepatitis C if you:

  • have ever shared needles or equipment to inject any type of drug, even if you've only injected once
  • have ever shared equipment to snort or sniff drugs
  • have ever been in prison
  • have a tattoo, especially if you got it a long time ago or in a non-professional setting or in a prison
  • are from a country where hepatitis C is common
  • have ever received blood or blood products in another country where blood donations are not tested
  • have ever had medical or dental treatment in a country where hepatitis C is common and infection control is poor
  • were born to a mother who had hepatitis C at the time of your birth
  • are a man who takes part in chemsex or has condomless, rough or extreme sex with men
  • are a man who has sex with men and you have HIV

People who should consider getting tested for hepatitis C

Consider getting a test for hepatitis C if you:

  • have lived with someone with hepatitis C and there is a chance they may have passed it on
  • received an organ transplant in Ireland before 1992
  • had sexual contact with an injecting drug user