Letterkenny Hospital Services Update


7th August 2014

HIQA QIP 8th May - July 2014

Updated: Wednesday 18 September

Letterkenny General Hospital has been affected by significant flood damage, with 40% of hospital services affected. It will be some time before we have all the information to determine when the hospital will return to pre-flood conditions, but it is likely to be several months. However we are working to resume all services in the coming weeks. This page will be used to provide ongoing updates to patient services at the hospitals.

What to do if you require Emergency Department Services?

For any emergency requiring an ambulance please dial 112 or 999 as normal.  Non emergency patients should continue to contact their GP in the first instance.

The interim Emergency Department at Letterkenny Hospital has been fully operational since Thursday 22 August. The interim Emergency Department is accepting all ambulance admissions, GP referrals and self-presenting patients.

Traffic Flow around the Hospital and Car Parking

In order to ensure easy access to the interim Emergency Department it is necessary to implement a traffic flow system.  A one-way system is operational throughout the car park; the barrier car park is for public use.

Updates on Services

Maternity, Dialysis and Chemotherapy services have not been affected by flood damage. The hospital is providing limited Paediatric services for GP referred patients who do not need access to radiology services.The Laboratory service is operating as normal. Patients whose appointments are being rescheduled are being contacted directly to advise them of individual arrangements.

Surgical Services

Minor local anaesthetics are being carried out at the Scally Practice, Letterkenny; all patients for surgery are being contacted directly by the hospital either by telephone or by letter.  Day Case medical patients are being accommodated in the Day Services Unit in the hospital.  Full endoscopy service for both inpatients and outpatients is up and running.Some surgery has been relocated to Galway University Hospitals and is being undertaken by Letterkenny Hospital clinical staff.

Outpatient Services
Almost two thirds of the Outpatient clinics continue to be provided onsite or in community facilities. Please note patients have been individually contacted to advise of any changes to location and time of appointment. The following arrangements are in place:

  • Maternity services are unaffected by the flood damage and continue to be provided.
  • Chemotherapy services continue in the hospital.
  • Dialysis patients continue to receive a full dialysis service in the hospital.
  • Orthopaedic fracture clinics have been relocated to Donegal Community Hospital, Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.
  • Endoscopy services are being provided.
  • Some outpatient clinics are being relocated to the NoWDOC Centre in Oldtown, Letterkenny or to the Breastcare clinic in Letterkenny Hospital Nurses Home (see list below).  
  • The hospital is providing limited paediatric (children) services for GP referred patients who do not require radiology services.
  • The Laboratory service is operating.
  • Antenatal Classes will relocate to Letterkenny Women’s Centre, Port Road (opposite An Grianan Theatre), Letterkenny.

Outpatient Clinics

Friday 22nd Nov

Dr Abdeen – am – Breast Care

Dr David – No Clinic

Dr McKernan Gynae – am –Gate Lodge

Dr Steel – am – Level 2

Mr Beddy – am - Level 2

Mr Stenhouse - Dental

Schedule for Week 25th Nov 2013

Monday 25th Nov 

Mr Couse – am – Level 2 – 11am start

Dr King Gynae – am – Gate Lodge

Dr Aboud Gynae – pm – Gate Lodge

Dr Keatings – pm – Level 2

Dr Mc Sharry – Level 2

Mr O’Rourke – Fracture – am – Donegal Town

Dr Khamis – Level 2

Tuesday 26th Nov

Mr Considine ENT – Scally Level 1

Dr Keatings – am – Level 2

Dr McSharry – pm- Level 2

Dr Khamis – Level 2

Mr Moran –  Breast Care

Mr Shaju – Fracture/Ortho – Donegal Town

Dr Mc Kenna - Breast Care

Mr Swinson – Dental

Dr Morrell – Breast Care

Wednesday 27th Nov

Mr Thomas Fracture & Ortho

Mr Patil -  ENT – all day -  Scally Level 1

Dr Abdeen – am - Level 2

Dr Quinn – pm - Level 2

Dr Steel – am - Level 2

Dr Miranda – pm - Level 2

Dr King – Ante/Natal – Gate Lodge

Dr David – Level 2

Thursday 28th  Nov

Dr Mulpeter  – all day - Now Doc

ENT – all day - Level 1

Dr Mutwali/Moran – am - Level 2

Dr Morrell – pm - Level 2

Dr Podmore – all day – Now Doc

Dr Quinn – pm – Level 2

Dr McKernan – am - Ante/Natal – Gate Lodge

Dr Nandini – pm - Gynae – Gate Lodge

Mr ORourke – Level 2

Friday 29th  Nov

Dr Abdeen – am – Breast Care

Dr David – Breast Care

Dr McKernan Gynae – am –Gate Lodge

Mr Stenhouse - Dental

Normal visiting has been restored; a clean zone has been established between the wings of the hospital and visiting is back to normal hours 2.30 pm to 4.00 pm and 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm daily. Please follow all hand hygiene procedures and comply with any instructions from staff to ensure the clean zone remains uncontaminated.