A Guide to the Irish Health Service - Languages

Guide to Health Services CoverThis booklet has some very useful basic information about the Irish Health Service for people who may be new to this country or people whose first language is not English.

This information is available in a range of languages. The information has been loaded as PDF files to be read online or downloaded.

To view a PDF you will need Acrobat reader. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader



If you would like to know how how to use Irish Hospitals, get your children immunised, apply for a Medical Card or a range of other services - choose your language below:

ARABIC - الخدمات الصحية في أيرلندا

MANDARIN - 爱尔兰医疗服务

CZECH - Zdravotní péče v Irsku

FRENCH - Services de santé en Irlande

LITHUANIAN - Sveikatos apsaugos paslaugos Airijoje

LATVIAN - Veselības aprūpe Īrijā

POLISH - Służba zdrowia w Irlandii

RUSSIAN - Службы здравоохранения Ирландии

SPANISH - Servicios Sanitarios en Irlanda