About the Civil Registration Service

The Civil Registration Service (CRS) maintains all records of births, deaths and marriages in the Irish state. The Civil Registration Service is part of the Health Service Executive and was previously known as Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The Civil Registration Service provides an important personal service at critical times in a person's life, for example, registering a birth, claiming child benefit, applying for a passport, taking up employment, claiming welfare benefits or the administration of a will. The civil registration service is also responsible for the solemnisation and registration of civil marriages and for maintaining the registers of all religious marriages within the state.

It is now possible to obtain a birth, death or marriage certificate online or in person from any CRS registration office in the Republic of Ireland, no matter where the birth, death or marriage was originally registered in the state. To view addresses and phone numbers of offices click here

The Civil Registration Service Eastern Registration Area can be contacted by telephone at: 01 8638200