The Role of the Environmental Health Officer


Every day your health, your home, your community and your environment are being positively affected by the work of the Environmental Health Service and you are probably not even aware of it.

The water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breathe, the cosmetics you use, the noises you hear, the crèche your children attend are all just a few of the areas in your daily life where you will have come into direct contact with the work of a unique group of health professionals known as Environmental Health Officers (EHOs).

The motto of the Environmental Health profession is ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ and for over fifty years EHOs have been working to protect the health of the public by controlling and preventing those factors in the environment which may cause ill health or reduced quality of life.

While promoting and protecting health is the role of many health professionals, the approach of the EHO is somewhat different because much of their work is done by enforcing regulations.

Cosmetic Products Regulations, Drinking Water Regulations, a raft of Food Safety laws, Pre-School Regulations, Infectious Disease Regulations, Noise Control Legislation, Tobacco Control Legislation and Air Quality Legislation, are just a few of the areas of work that the Environmental Health Service is responsible for.

The work of the Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is both varied and interesting but as well as being an enforcer the Environmental Health Officer is also an advocate, and in addition to those areas where there are laws to enforce EHOs also highlight areas of risk to public health that are not regulated but which in their opinion require control for example tanning facilities, gyms, leisure centres, tattoo and body piercing parlours.

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