Carlow Your Health is our Wealth


Introduction to the Government’s Healthy Ireland Framework whose aim is to improve your health and will look at what this means for us in the HSE in the South East as well as for you personally as an employee of the HSE.

Catherine Neary, the new Head of Service for HR for the South East will be giving us an insight into the HSE’s People’s Strategy and the changes and initiatives we will see taking place in the coming months and years.

Hilda O Neill, Senior Health Promotion & Improvement Officer & lead for staff health and wellbeing will look at building resilience and what supports are available within the HSE.

Each of the Counties Sports Partnerships will introduce their service and provide you with information into the type of activities that are taking place in your neighbourhood.

The majority of the morning will be spent using world cafe style sessions[1] to hear your views as to:

a)     How would you describe a great place to work?

b)    What would make you feel appreciated in the workplace?

c)     What would you like to do as an individual or as a team within the HSE to enhance your health and wellbeing?

d)    What can we, as your employers, do to enhance your health and wellbeing?


In the afternoon, there will be a choice of health and wellbeing tasters which will be broken into 3 separate rooms such as mindfulness, a cappella singing workshop and/or drumming for fun.

[1] Small group discussion over a cup of coffee with music playing in the background