Language Class - Speech and Therapy

A Language Class is a class, within a school, made up of children with speech and/ or language difficulties. In Cavan, this school is St. Felim’s National School, Farnham St, Cavan and in Monaghan it is St. Mary’s BNS, Monaghan town. In each of these schools there are 14 children attending Language Classes (2 classes of 7 in each class).

The children in a Language Class follow the mainstream curriculum. The Speech and Language Therapist works with the children 4 mornings per week.

A Speech and Language Therapist puts children forward for a place in the language class. If your therapist thinks this class would suit your child then they will discuss the process with you. Then, with your consent, the therapist will refer your child and complete assessments.

Not all children get places in the Language Class as there are usually more children trying to get a place than places. Places are given to children by the school’s board of management. Children stay no more than 2 years in the Language Class.