Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy - Dublin South West

Speech and Language Therapists provide assessment, diagnosis and therapy for children with a wide range of communication difficulties.

Tel: 01 795 7563 

Who do we see?

We see children from 0-18 years who:

  • Live in the Dublin South-West catchment area, which includes Dublin 24, Dublin 12 and parts of Dublin 6W
  • Children whose main difficulty is with communication

What type of communication difficulties do we work with?

We see children with:

  • Language Delay/Disorder.
  • Difficulty understanding language.
  • Difficulty using language.
  • Speech sound difficulties.
  • Stammering/Stuttering.
  • Speech and Language difficulties arising from a hearing impairment.
  • Cleft palate.
  • Voice disorders.
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).
  • Mild General Learning Disability.

Referrals to specialised team services may be better for:

  • Children with needs in more than one area (e.g. communication, behaviour, emotions, motor skills, or sensory processing).
  • Children with complex needs (e.g. Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Physical, Behaviour or Attention Difficulties etc).

How do I refer?

We have an open referral policy. Referrals can be made by completing the referral form below. Parents, teachers, or any other health care professional (e.g. GP, Public Health Nurse) can make a referral.

Paediatric Speech and language therapy referral form (PDF, 329 KB, 4 pages)

Paediatric Speech and language therapy referral guidelines (PDF, 321 KB, 2 pages)

Send completed referral forms by post to:

Speech and Language Therapy Department, HSE DSW
Tallaght Cross Primary Care Centre
Russell Building
Tallaght Cross West
Tallaght, Dublin 24

Useful websites - The Irish Association of Speech and Language Therapist’s provides general information for parents/clients on speech and language therapy - The Independent Speech-Language Therapists of Ireland’s provides information about Speech and Language Therapists working in private practice in Ireland - This is a new website for parents. It contains information and advice on pregnancy and the first 3 years of your child’s life

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