Public Health Nursing in Dublin South City

The Public Health Nurse is referred to the individual Client/ Patient by the hospital staff, General Practitioner, family members or indeed the individual may self refer if they so wish.This is the only direct referral service available within community services where an individual may be seen on the day of referral if so indicated. The PHN has involvement in the care of clients throughout their life span.

1. Child Health & Family Support Services
The PHN service provides a comprehensive and standardized service within available resources to all children under five years and provides a school based service underpinned by Best Health for Children.

2. Physical & Sensory Disability Service
To implement HSE recommendation in partnership with the voluntary sector and providing services as per 'Towards an Independent Future'

3. Primary Care & Illness Prevention
The PHN Department continues to develop the range of services focused on illness prevention within the region of primary, secondary and territory level.

4. The Older Person
The PHN delivers and organises the home support services for clients within the nurse's geographical area and provides a range of services tailored to the needs of the individual.

To contact your Public Health Nurse at your local Health Centre or phone 017 085 700