St. Joseph's Community Nursing Unit, Trim - Contact Details

Comments and Feedback

We welcome any comments that residents and visitors may wish to make and comment boxes are available on all units. Residents, relatives and visitors in St. Joseph’s who wish to complement the service, raise issues or seek clarity should make contact with a member of staff, who will listen to you and ensure your issue is addressed.

If you have highlighted an issue that could not be resolved and you wish to make a complaint you are encouraged to do so by speaking with the Clinical Nurse Manager in Charge on the unit at that time. Alternatively please contact the person in charge/Director of Nursing if you wish you may write in outlining your concern.

The HSE welcome and invites you to have your say about our services. It is now easier for you to make a comment, a complaint or pay staff a compliment. Leaflets are displayed giving you information on how you can have your say. Ask any member of staff to help you. You may also choose to email the HSE directly at be assured that they read comments and complaints every day. We will respond to you quickly. When local investigation is required you will understand that this takes time but we will always do our best to act quickly and efficiently and we will keep you updated regularly on progress. Please help us to improve the process for you by giving us feedback.

Tel: 046 9484300

Fax: 046 9484399