How to Access our Service

Referral and Admissions Process for Extended Care

At St. Joseph’s CNU, we understand that the decision to move into a long-term care facility is an enormous life-changing event for both the Resident and their loved ones.

To become a resident of St. Joseph’s an application form must first be completed through the Nursing Home Support Scheme - Fair Deal. Application form and information booklets are available from Meath HSE Nursing Home Support Scheme - Fair Deal, Unit 3, Ardee Business Park, Hale Street, Ardee, Co. Louth Tel: 041 687 1525.

Following completion of your application form, a care assessment is required which can be discussed with your General Practitioner (GP) or Public Health Nurse if you are resident in your own home or with the Hospital Liaison Nurse if you are in hospital. The Fair Deal Office will then process this.

Following an enquiry from a potential resident/family, we will invite you and your family to come and visit the home and have a look around, as well as spend some time with us discussing the day-to-day operations of the home. St. Joseph’s CNU accepts residents up to maximum dependency level. St. Joseph’s CNU can also accommodate residents who require a dementia specific care facility.

If your preference is to come and stay in St. Joseph’s CNU, the Person in Charge will then contact you to make further arrangements to conduct a pre-admission assessment at a date and location of your choice.  This is to ensure that we have all the necessary equipment, knowledge and competency to meet your care needs. At this pre-admission meeting, you will be given a copy of The Resident’s Guide and your Contract of Care for review.

Admissions to St. Joseph’s CNU are arranged when a bed is available and on confirmation of Fair Deal funding being released.  Individual cases may be facilitated on approval by the General Manager.  On the day of admission, we advise that you are accompanied by a family member/representative to guide and support you through the admission process.  The Person in Charge and Residents Accounts Officer will be available to meet with you and discuss your plan of care and your Contract of Care.

Referral & Admissions Process for Short Term Care:

St Joseph’s CNU has two designated short-term care beds for dementia specific client’s on Butterstream.  All referrals of older people who require Short Term Care services come directly to the Respite Coordinator following the fortnightly respite meeting, to discuss referrals which are received via the Public Health Nursing Service.  The Respite Coordinator in conjunction with the Clinical Supervisor arranges admission to St. Joseph’s CNU for short-term care following a pre-admission assessment of needs.  In exceptional cases, an emergency short-term care admission may be required in order to promote safety.

For all admissions to St. Joseph’s CNU, nursing staff undertake a full assessment of your physical, emotional, cognitive, social and spiritual needs as part of the nursing care planning and evaluation process this is kept under review. All residents and their families are encouraged to participate fully in the care planning process to ensure that the resident’s views and wishes are incorporated into care delivered. All attempts are made to reflect the resident’s desired daily routine.

Care plan

When a resident is admitted there will be documentation to be completed which includes a full Nursing Assessment and Care Plan. This will be developed with the resident’s and/or family participation. This Care Plan will be individualised to meet each residents needs.  A review of the residents care plan will be carried out if there are any changes in the resident's condition or personal needs/ circumstances and will be updated no less frequently than at three-monthly intervals. This review will be carried out in conjunction with the resident and/or representative and a copy is available to the resident and/or their representative on request.